Raichu Picchu – Peru

Rachel & Machu Picchu…. Rachu Picchu …Raichu Pikachu !?


Ha i have no idea why i started with pocket monsters..lol.Anyway, the first time i heard about Machu Picchu was from high school. This amazing view was on the cover of our geography text book. For me, Machu Picchu is full of mysteries and unreachable. This place can only been seen in movies or the animations.How can I give up this amazing chance to visit there!?

Actually, I kinda gave up my whole trip before my flight. lol..so until then I still had no idea how to travel in Peru, ALONE, not to mention Machu Picchu :/ .Fortunately, my peer just went there last summer. He kindly came to help and shared his experience , traffic route and hostels.  Well.. let’s see.. 🙂

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Sailing on the Top- Lake Titicaca, Peru

To be near you, to be free.


This Feb, I got a chance to Seattle on business trip. Most of my peers took this chance to travel in some other places,such as LA, San Francisco, Vegas or Canada. However, I have no idea how I came up with this idea. As long as I got the confirmation of Seattle trip from my boss, I made up my mind to PERU.

Well…why not.  To be honest, I was kinda afraid and worried to travel alone there.For me, there were so many unknowns of this country. However, I am so glad Ive made the right decision and achieved this goal. 🙂

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Start Our Day from Breaking Rules – Berlin

all the way to Berlin Teufelsberg  with Drive Now.!


This summer, I attended my best friends’ wedding in Portugal. After that, I planned to visit some other countries-France, Netherlands, Belgium… Be honest, I did have some ideas and plans about where to go, even hostels. However, “when you venture outside, you are in for a surprise”, I ended up my trip in Berlin unexpectedly!

A week in Berlin was more than amazing. It’s my second time here, but with totally different feeling for sure. I visited some really cool places ,and had lots of fun with my old friend and new friends. Cold War and graffiti art are two things that make the city unique and special. History and art had left marks in many places around Berlin , including this amazing place- Berlin Teufelsberg.

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My 2nd Cave-Taipei,Taiwan

maybe it’s time to talk about my cave- Taipei.


I am from Kaohsiung, the south of Taiwan. Kaohsiung is truly an amazing city, with delicious food and nice weather most of the time. In my 18, I left my beloved hometown to study and started a new chapter of my life in the capital of Taiwan-Taipei.

Now, I have lived in Taipei for 7.5 years already. Let me take this chance to introduce you guy my 2nd cave.

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Diary II -Seattle, USA

Such a cool event


I can’t sleep well again, waking up several times and falling asleep again till the next day noon! It’s another sunny day in Seattle. My dear friend Mr. K brought me to his fav restaurant, to stay chill and enjoy good food on this lazy Sunday.

Today is the day to Sheraton, saying goodbye to my dear host K. 😦  I’ve already started to miss him since I woke up.

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the West Side of Ireland – Sligo.

🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 .


In Chinese, Ireland is called 愛爾蘭(Ài Ěr Lán). 愛 means love, and 蘭 means orchids.  爾 means you in literary language writing, but this word is often used for name of nobles or western name. How beautiful it is!  IRELAND

I went on a 18-day trip in Ireland. From the capital -Dublin,  I traveled around this beautiful emerald island in counterclockwise. Sligo is a county in the north west. Really lucky to stay here and go around in this small town.

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Explore the Folk Village – Andong, South Korea

 the World Heritage – the Hahoe folk village in Korea


The first time  I heard about Andong this place is from a famous dish – Andong jjimdak(안동찜닭 安東燉雞) which you can found easily in Seoul. And I also heard something about an unique mask from villages there.

After checking some information about the folk village on internet, I did plan to visit there, but the complex public traffic made me hesitate.Luckily, my Korean friend suddenly came out the idea of visiting the Hahoe folk village in Andong where his hadn’t been yet. And that’s the beginning of our adventure in Andong.

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Lost in Old China-Wuzhen

4-Day tour around Xitang, Wuzhen and Jiaxing


I believe everyone knows a song by Psy- Gangnam(강남,江南) Style. In south Korea, Gangnam Dist is with heavily concentrated wealth and high standard of living; In China,  the area Gangnam(or Jiangnan, 江南) is totally different. This area is the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze river, where is famous for water villages and its beautiful scenery .

This March I went to Shanghai on business trip. Even with only 4-day break , it was still a really good opportunity to travel there!! I chose 3 places in Zhejiang Province, which are Wuzhen(烏鎮) town, Jiaxing(嘉興)  city and Xitang(西塘) town. After saying goodbye to friends in the Hangzhou airport, I jumped on the bus and started my 3.5-day trip.

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