Get Tanned in this Blue- Almeria, Spain

Sun, Beach, Beers and Friends!


Why Almeria? Just becoz its ma friend’s hometown.! I have to admit that I never heard about this place until we met. Before this trip, I went to bookstores in Taiwan for some guides of Spain. However, I can’t even find “Almeria” on the map! lol. Anyway,  after few days in Barcelona, I flew to Almeria directly and started this trip with many unknowns.
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Start Our Day from Breaking Rules – Berlin

all the way to Berlin Teufelsberg  with Drive Now.!


This summer, I attended a friends’ wedding in Portugal. After that, I planned to visit some other countries nearby – France, Netherlands, Belgium… Be honest, I did have any ideas and plans about where to go or where to stay. However, “when you venture outside, you are in for a surprise”, I ended up my trip in Berlin unexpectedly!

A week in Berlin was more than amazing. It’s my second time here, but with totally different feeling and experience. I visited some cool places ,and had lots of fun with my lovely friends. Cold War and graffiti art are two things that make the city unique and special. History and art had left marks in many places around Berlin , including this amazing place- Berlin Teufelsberg.

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the West Side of Ireland – Sligo.

🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 .


In Chinese, Ireland is called 愛爾蘭(Ài Ěr Lán). 愛 means love, and 蘭 means orchids.  爾 means you in literary language writing, but this word is often used for name of nobles or western name. How beautiful it is!  IRELAND

I went on a 18-day trip in Ireland. From the capital -Dublin,  I traveled around this beautiful emerald island in counterclockwise. Sligo is a county in the north west. Really lucky to stay here and go around in this small town.

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