Northeast Coast -【Taiwan】🇹🇼

A day to Taipei’s country side


Taiwan is an island surrounded by ocean. There are many things to do and see in this beautiful island. The east side is within incredible natural scenery. The south is perfect for surfing , beach and food(for me). And the west and north are more for cities and modern life.

Most people visit Taiwan will choose the capital – Taipei as their first stop. However, if you only stay few days or a weekend here, I strongly suggest you to save at least one day to travel out of the city to see the real beauty of this island.

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My Cave -【Taiwan】🇹🇼

Taipei 🙂


I am from a city called Kaohsiung which is in the south of Taiwan. Kaohsiung is a truly amazing city – delicious food , friendly people and nice weather most of the time. In my 18, I left my beloved hometown to study and started a new chapter here in Taipei – the capital city of Taiwan.

Until now, I have lived here more than 7 years. So let me take a chance to introduce this beautiful city.

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