Great Wall 28mm 廣角 – 【Taipei, Taiwan】🇹🇼

Fuji C200 ,


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北韓最終回: 先軍節 -【朝鮮】🇰🇵

Songun Festival in Pyongyang  #선군정치



那是在朝鮮的最後一天,原本以為離開羊角島後就要直接去搭火車回大陸了,整個晚上都在藏匿照片,將手機照片備份了三份- 內建相簿、垃圾桶和 APP內,又害怕檢查時會被海關打開相機,捲了捲那只拍半卷的底片藏在行李箱最深處。

卻萬萬沒想到那一天是朝鮮的重要節日 – 8/25先軍節,只能用手機拍下那天的慶祝活動。

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防空洞內穿越時空的地鐵 -【朝鮮】🇰🇵

平壤地鐵 지하철,





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38度線以北的遙望 -【朝鮮】🇰🇵

See the South from the North……

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但我從來沒想過,第一次來到DMZ區,卻是從北邊的朝鲜。 Continue reading “38度線以北的遙望 -【朝鮮】🇰🇵”

北京、丹東,下一站:平壤 -【朝鮮】🇰🇵

8/21 trip to Pyongyang





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Rules – Preparing for North Korea Trip -【DPRK】🇰🇵

Hey, I m going to Korea again. Well.. the North one this time.!

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During works, I always try to squeeze in some time to travel. Accidently, I will have a gap week – 9 days free. Turkey, Russia and Egypt are the top 3 countries on my wish list . However, those places definitely need more than 9 days.

One night I was in the karaoke with friends, and a song called Strangler in the North (飄向北方) from LeeHom was playing.  How about Beijing ? I do miss my friend there. After talking to him, I booked the ticket right away.

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Chinese Disneyland -【Shanghai, China】🇨🇳

The new Disneyland in Shanghai, China


Shanghai Disneyland has opened since June, 2016. Even most reviews from Taiwan newspaper and blogs were really negative, we still did not want to miss this great opportunity to visit there.

It is my 3rd time in Shanghai. The only available time to the park was on Sunday. Well.. I think all amusement parks in the world are crowded as hell on Sunday. Also, China is a country with more than 1.35 billion people. If it is crowded, it must be the worst ever.

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Northeast Coast -【Taiwan】🇹🇼

A day to Taipei’s country side


Taiwan is an island surrounded by ocean. There are many things to do and see in this beautiful island. The east side is within incredible natural scenery. The south is perfect for surfing , beach and food(for me). And the west and north are more for cities and modern life.

Most people visit Taiwan will choose the capital – Taipei as their first stop. However, if you only stay few days or a weekend here, I strongly suggest you to save at least one day to travel out of the city to see the real beauty of this island.

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