Expired Film in Cusco -【Peru】🇵🇪

Kodak Expired film

the cross @ Cusco,Peru.

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Red, Blue and White -【Arequipa,Peru】🇵🇪

Santa Catalina Monastery , Arequipa, Peru

Negative0-01-00(1)Arequipa was my last stop in Peru. My travel route was clockwise, for getting used to the height. Indeed, even if this city is located at 2328m, I didn’t feel AMS anymore. Arequipa is the 2nd biggest city in Peru. However, not just like the prototype of metropolis, the historic part of this city has its unique charm.

Arequipa is surrounded by volcanoes. Since that, the old area of this city are with buildings constructed by local white volcanic stones called sillar. It made Arequipa be known as “the white city”. In addition, being influenced by Europeans, those buildings are constructed with baroque style. The historic area is really beautiful and has became a famous spot in Peru.

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Raichu Picchu -【Peru】🇵🇪

Rachel & Machu Picchu…. Rachu Picchu …Raichu Pikachu !?


Ha i have no idea why i started with pocket monsters..lol.Anyway, the first time i heard about Machu Picchu was from high school. This amazing view was on the cover of our geography text book. For me, Machu Picchu is full of mysteries and unreachable. This place can only been seen in movies or the animations.How can I give up this amazing chance to visit there!?

Actually, I kinda gave up my whole trip before my flight. lol..so until then I still had no idea how to travel in Peru, ALONE, not to mention Machu Picchu :/ .Fortunately, my peer just went there last summer. He kindly came to help and shared his experience , traffic route and hostels.  Well.. let’s see.. 🙂

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Sailing on the Top -【Lake Titicaca, Peru】🇵🇪

To be near you, to be free.


This Feb, I got a chance to Seattle on business trip. Most of my peers took this chance to travel in some other places,such as LA, San Francisco, Vegas or Canada. However, I have no idea how I came up with this idea. As long as I got the confirmation of Seattle trip from my boss, I made up my mind to PERU.

Well…why not.  To be honest, I was kinda afraid and worried to travel alone there.For me, there were so many unknowns of this country. However, I am so glad Ive made the right decision and achieved this goal. 🙂

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