Pyongyang Subway – North Korea





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Standing on the other side – North Korea

See the South from the North

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Beijing to Pyongyang – North Korea

8/21 trip to Pyongyang 平壤


It has been a week since I came back from the trip to Beijing and North Korea. Those films I took already printed out. This trip was a beautiful and amazing dream. I still couldn’t believe, even myself, that I was there.

All my friends and family thought it’s way too dangerous to visit there. These kinda words always made me worried and tried to “escape” from my own trip. Actually, I almost cancelled this trip. In the morning on 8/21, I was still in bed saying that I want to stay in Beijing instead, why am I leaving to there. 

However, I already paid. 2500 CNY is still a certain amount of In the end, I still jumped on the taxi to Beijing main station and headed to DPRK.

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Rules – Preparing for North Korea Trip

Hey, I m going to Korea again. Well.. the North one this time.!

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During works, I always try to squeeze in some time to travel. Accidently, I will have a gap week – 9 days free. Turkey, Russia and Egypt are the top 3 countries on my wish list . However, those places definitely need more than 9 days.

One night I was in the karaoke with friends, and a song called Strangler in the North (飄向北方) from LeeHom was playing.  How about Beijing ? I do miss my friend there. After talking to him, I booked the ticket right away.

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Backpacking with Parents – Bangkok, Thailand

trip to Hua Hin and Bangkok


Those days were 36-37 degree, humid and hot. To show our respects, we chose black clothes in this stifling weather on the day we visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

King Bhumibo Adulyadej has passed away more than 8 months, but this country still deeply mourned over the death of their beloved king. During this 5-day trip in Bangkok and HuaHin, we saw mourning halls in every corner. It is something that will never happen in my country – Taiwan. I can’t imagine, but truly respect.
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Chinese Disneyland – Shanghai, China

The new Disneyland in Shanghai, China


Shanghai Disneyland has opened since June, 2016. Even most reviews from Taiwan newspaper and blogs were really negative, we still did not want to miss this great opportunity to visit there.

It is my 3rd time in Shanghai. The only available time to the park was on Sunday. Well.. I think all amusement parks in the world are crowded as hell on Sunday. Also, China is a country with more than 1.35 billion people. If it is crowded, it must be the worst ever.

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