Rules – Preparing for North Korea Trip

Hey, I m going to Korea again. Well.. the North one this time.!


During works, I always try to squeeze in some time to travel. Accidently, I will have a gap week – 9 days free. Turkey, Russia and Egypt are the top 3 countries on my wish list . However, those places definitely need more than 9 days.

One night I was in the karaoke with friends, and a song called Strangler in the North (飄向北方) from LeeHom was playing.  Wait..How about Beijing? I can visit the Forbidden City and my friend! After talking to him, I booked the ticket right away.

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Backpacking with Parents – Bangkok, Thailand

trip to Hua Hin and Bangkok


Those days were 36-37 degree, humid and hot. To show our respects, we chose black clothes in this stifling weather on the day we visited the Grand Palace.

King Bhumibo Adulyadej has passed away more than 8 months, but this country still deeply mourned over the death of their beloved king. During this 5-day trip in Bangkok and HuaHin, we saw the king’s mourning halls in every corner. It is something that will never happen in my country – Taiwan. I can’t imagine, but truly respect.
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in this Paradise – Bohol, Philippines

그냥 보고싶다. 너무..


I think all my western friends in TW are so in love with Philippines.They always say how amazing this place is, but I never had a chance to visit.

Philippines is my no.26 country. Beach and sunshine, it’s definitely one of the happiest trip I’ve ever had in my life. ❤

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Chinese Disneyland – Shanghai, China

The new Disneyland in Shanghai, China


Shanghai Disneyland has opened since June, 2016. Even most reviews from Taiwan newspaper and blogs were really negative, we still did not want to miss the opportunity to visit there.

It is my 3rd time to visit Shanghai. The only available time to the park was on Sunday. Well.. I think all amusement parks in the world are crowded as hell on Sunday. Also, China is a country with more than 1.35 billion people. If it is crowded, it must be the worst ever.

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A Day Walk in This Big Garden- Singapore

back to this beautiful country


I have been to Singapore several times. Last year, I got a chance to visit there again for business trip. Actually, I received a mail to join the meeting in India at first. I was super exciting! India, how awesome! Indian food and another new adventure!I already opened google map to check where to go. But the meeting was changed to Singapore instead.

Anyway, I love Singapore. It is a small country but have many things to see. You can experience Indians , Chinese, Western, Malaysians… all different kinda cultures here. And this city is super charming. Start from the airport, you will feel like entering a garden instead of a busy city.

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Northeast Coast trip – Taipei, Taiwan

A day to Taipei’s country side


Taiwan is an island surrounded by ocean. There are many things to do and see in this beautiful island. The east side is within incredible natural scenery. The south is perfect for surfing , beach and food(for me). And the west and north are more for cities and modern life.

Most people visit Taiwan will choose the capital – Taipei as their first stop. However, if you only stay few days or a weekend here, I strongly suggest you to save at least one day to travel out of the city to see the real beauty of this island.

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Wild, Wild East – Terelj Park , Mongolia

Spectacular view in Gorkhi-Terelj Nation Park


The image of Ulaanbaatar is not really matching up what most people think about Mongolia- the nomadic lifestyle. It is a big city, with tall buildings, cars, clubs, hotels and fancy departments stores. However, the story is totally different in the country side- with open fields, mountains, animals and many others!  It will be a waste if you visit Mongolia without out visiting the wild for sure.

For travelers who only have few days in Mongolia, Terelj National Park will be a perfect choice. After only 1.5-2.5hrs drive from Ulaanbaatar, you are out in the wild to enjoy the great nature of Mongolia.

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Follow Khan’s Steps – Mongolia

visit the biggest statue of the greatest king- chinggis khan statue complex

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.38.47 PM.png

When I told my friends about traveling to Mongolia, most of them have so many questions about this country. What came to their mind are horses, steppe, gers and Khan. Some people even thought most Mongolians are still live in ger, speak Chinese and have deep connection with China.  Lol

Naaaaah…Mongolia has nothing to do with China, and they have their own language- Mongolian.Indeed, there are nomadic people live in country side. But Ulaanbaatar, the capital, is already a cool and modern big city. I started my adventure from here, and enjoyed 2 weeks of nomadic life. 🙂

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Get Tanned in this Blue- Almeria, Spain

Sun, Beach, Beers and Friends!


Why Almeria? Just becoz its ma friend’s hometown.! I have to admit that I never heard about this place until we met. Before this trip, I went to some bookstores in Taiwan for some guides of Spain. However, I can’t even find “Almeria” in the map! lol. Anyway,  after few days in Barcelona, I flew to Almeria directly and started this trip which was full of unknowns.
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