Backpacking with Parents -【Thailand 】🇹🇭

trip to Hua Hin and Bangkok


Those days were 36-37 degree, humid and hot. To show our respects, we chose black clothes in this stifling weather on the day we visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

King Bhumibo Adulyadej has passed away more than 8 months, but this country still deeply mourned over the death of their beloved king. During this 5-day trip in Bangkok and HuaHin, we saw mourning halls in every corner. It is something that will never happen in my country – Taiwan. I can’t imagine, but truly respect.

The main reason to visit Bangkok this time was for a friend’s wedding, and big reunion with my fav peers. It is my second time to Thailand. With limited time,  we picked Hua Hin and Bangkok as our destinations.

What to do..

Hua Hin

Hua Hin district is in the south west of Bangkok, within a 3-4 hours drive from Bangkok. Almost 100 years ago, the king of Thai built his summer residences here. Since then, this little fish town has became a popular place for locals to spend their summer or weekends. There are many famous attractions here in Hua Hin. You can see charming old-world buildings and palace, and also new purpose-built shopping centers and sightseeing villages. Or, you can stay chill on the beach or take a sip in the vineyard.

Monsoon Valley Vineyard is located at the west of Hua Hin, around 45km away. There is shuttle bus back and forth from Hua Hin downtown twice a day. The vineyard tour was a truly amazing experience. I believe it is the only vineyard with elephants! I personally think it’s so immoral to ride elephants. The field is not that big, I will suggest visitors to take a walk and enjoy this beautiful scenery instead.

Amphawa Dist

After Hua Hun, we spent half day in Amphawa Dist. Our first stop was Maeklong railway market, which is a traditional market selling fish, vegetables and groceries. It sounds nothing special, but what makes this place famous is that the market is located on a train line. No kidding, the train is still working and runs directly through the market. Once the warning bell starting to ring,  all vendors pull back their awnings and products immediately,  and put it back again until the train passes.

Except Maeklong, Amphawa floating market is another must-see attraction. At first, our driver took us to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. At the entrance, the lady asked 2000thb entrance fee per person. WTF,,,,of course not! We rejected and went back to car directly. Then two ladies ran after and yelled at us…..

“Hey!! How about 5000 THB for 3 people??? ….Ok ok, i will give you discount… 2000 thb???? ..Alright!! 500 thb ?”. We said nothing and headed to Amphawa Floating Market directly. There is no entrance fee in Amphawa Floating Market, and its only 50 per person to take the wooden boat to other attractions.

at the heart of Bangkok

There are many things to see and do in Bangkok- shopping, night market, massage, temples, night life…However, with no doubts, the landmark that can truly represent Bangkok or even Thailand is the one located at the heart of Bangkok- the Grand Palace. It is the palace where the Thai Kings live. On the way there, we saw many Thai people in black suits come to mourn their beloved King Bhumibo Adulyadej with grief.

Among these complex buildings, my favorite one is Wat Phra Kaew, the temple of Emerald Buddha. It was 37 degree and the palace was full of Chinese tourists that day. My parents and I had lost our patience in this heat already. There was a moment we stood in front of the tickets windows and consider to leave. I am so glad we made it.

Once we entered this area, we were all stunned by those golden, dazzling and spectacular temples. The Wah Phra Kaew is one of the sacred places in Thailand.  Except the exterior appearance, inside the temple, the walls are all covered with delicate paintings.

After the Grand Palace, we took a walk to Wat Pho temple, one of the oldest buddhist complex temple in Thailand. What makes the temple special is the huge reclining golden buddha in the main hall. My fav spots in Wat Pho are Phra Chedi Rai, which are chedis built by Thai King.

My final note.. 

Those days are around 35-37 degree in Taipei. The heat kinda reminded me our time in Bangkok. Even now, I still can’t imagine how people can live in this kinda weather.I can only stay in the AC room all the time these days.  lol

There is a post i really like recently, which is about traveling with parents,.

While YOLO is the life mantra of our generation, for them it was all about responsibilities. Thinking solo was out of the question.”

It was quite fun to do backpacking with parents. We stayed in the youth hostel, explored new places and experienced different lifestyle. If I can afford it, I would like to buy two more tickets in the future for sure. 🙂

Rachel xx



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