A Day Walk in This Big Garden -【Singapore】🇸🇬

back to this beautiful country


I have been to Singapore several times. Last year, I got a chance to visit there again for business trip. Actually, I received a mail to join a training in India at first. I was super exciting! India, how awesome! Indian food and another new adventure!I already opened google map to check where to go, but the training was moved to Singapore in the end.

Anyway, I love Singapore. It is a small country but have many things to see. You can experience Indians , Chinese, Western, Malaysians… many different cultures here. And this city is super charming. Since the airport, It made me feel like entering a big garden instead of a busy city.

Basically, if you want to see around this country ,  it might take you more than 3 -4 days. It is small, but there are too many things to do. For instance, one of the famous sopt,  Santosa, where Universal Studio and beach at, will take you at least a day to play around. In the city, there are more cool places worth a visit, such as Clarke Quay for night view, Masjid Sultan and Haji Land to see around and shopping, Chinese Town, and spots I will share in this post. Except those, the night zoo and botanic gardens are highly recommended.

How to go there?

I only have 1 day free in Singapore last time. So I chose to walk around some of my favorite spots here. My route was like this: Little India -> Raffle Place – > Merlion -> Marina Bay -> Garden by the Bay -> Orchid Road.

Basically, you can go all spots in Singapore by MRT. The MRT card,  Ezlink , can be used for most traffic or convenience store. Despite Little India to Raffle place, I chose to walk to get closer with this city.

What to see?

My first stop was Little India. As it’s name , here is like a tiny version of India. You can find many of Indian products, food and clothes , and also experience Indian culture. I really like those flowers street stands, colorful and exotic.

Raffle place is totally different from the scene in Little India. Here is hustle and bustle, surrounding by skyscraper buildings. People’s styles are totally different here as well. From sari clothing to suit, can you imagine these two places are just few MRT stops away?

I started from Raffle place , passed the Fullerton hotel and end up in Merlion park. Merlion is Singapore landmark and most famous spot. If you only have 30 mins free in Singapore, please at least come here to take a picture with it.

Along the Marina bay, I walked from Merlion to the other side- Marina Bay Sands and Garden by the Bay. I have to say it was a long walk for sure. LOL. Marina Bay Sands is a luxury hotel in Singapore. The hotel is within 3 tall buildings and connected by a floating boat. The swimming pool upstair is also really famous. Anyway, my goal that day was Garden by the Bay which is just located behind this hotel.

Gardens by the Bay is an inspiring 101 hectares nature park in the heart of Singapore. Most famous tourist attractions in the park are those Supertrees. I felt like walking into the world of Avatar! I was planning to do the OCBC skyway which are footbridge among those Supertrees, but it was closed due to the wind.:( .Anyway, gardens here are worth to go. I strongly suggest you to book a ticket online, or you may need to spend lots of time waiting in line.

What to eat?

I love Indian food , that’s why I chose Little India as my first stop. There are many food court/centre/street in Singapore, in China Town, little India, Raffle Quay…too many options! And prices are also much cheaper than restaurants. The one in the little India is called, Tekka Centre. Most stalls here are Indian food for sure, and there are Chinese food and drink as well.

Singapore is really a food heaven. Except Indian style, you can taste western, chinese, malaysian food and some typical Sinapore food here. Those days staying there, we tried Chili Crab, Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh………………! It is really hard to tell which one is the best. 😛

My final note..

Last month when I was in Shanghai, a Singapore colleague sat next to me suddenly turned and asked ” Can you show them your picture which is you standing next to Merlion and pretending to drink water from Merlion? “. I was like, “What the hell he knows I have this picture? We just met today.So creepy.”

Okay, he said 90% of tourists visited Singapore must have be this picture.LOL . Don’t forget to take one when you have chance here.:P


Rachel xx

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