Northeast Coast trip – Taipei, Taiwan

A day to Taipei’s country side


Taiwan is an island surrounded by ocean. There are many things to do and see in this beautiful island. The east side is within incredible natural scenery. The south is perfect for surfing , beach and food(for me). And the west and north are more for cities and modern life.

Most people visit Taiwan will choose the capital – Taipei as their first stop. However, if you only stay few days or a weekend here, I strongly suggest you to save at least one day to travel out of the city to see the real beauty of this island.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about Taipei? Taipei 101 build? Night life? Tall buildings? Clubs and bars? Night market? Well .. those are all true. But Taipei is not just like that. You can see and experience more here far away than you can imagine.

The place i will recommend is at the Northeast coast of Taiwan. It is really easy to go from the city center by bus or train. And I am pretty sure there are many things you can do and experience there.

How to get there?

The public traffic system in Taipei is really convenience.And there are few spots around this area, which you can experience as many as you can

Well.. the easier way is to start with JiuFen first!  Take the  MRT to ZhongXiao Fusing Station. Once you arrive, go to the corner with a shop NET. Around there, you will find the bus to Jiufen and it will take only 1.5 hrs!

JiuFen – 

was an isolated village until the discovery of gold during Japanese occupation. During that time, many people moved there for this gold rush and made this place develop really fast. People even called here little Hong Kong or little Shanghai.  And now, many buildings here are still remain the same as that time. Many tourists come to experience the real old Taiwanese culture.

  • JiuFen old street
  • Jinguashi (Gold Museum)
  • Golden Waterfall

After Jiufen, there are two routes I will suggest- Beach tour or train tour.

Beach tour –

From JiuFen old street, you can take the bus called “Golden Fulong Shuttle Bus”.  This bus will take the passenger to 9 main attraction of northeast of Taiwan. You can buy a one day pass which costs only 5o NTD (1.6 USD). Or just pay by Easy Card or coins when you get on/off the bus. It costs only 15 NTD for 2 stops. And among those stops,  I recommend those to see.

  • Nanya:

    For visitors who just wanna take a walk nearby the coast, I will suggest you to stop at Nanya.  When we arrived, ocean and unique rock formations already caught our attentions. Nanya is at the gateway to the northeast Coast. Mountain peaks are right next to the coastal highway, and the large rocks are just lying by. We took a walk along the coast, and couldn’t stop taking photos of this beauty. How can rock being like this formation!? There is even one looks exactly the same as an ice cream cone.  Really incredible.

  • LongDong:
    For visitors who wanna experience snorkeling ,LongDong will be t great choice. It’s the only illegale place where you can do it in the northeast. We haven’t had chance to go there, but will do it in the future for sure. 😛
  • Fulong:

    For visitors who wanna enjoy the beach time, Fulong is the right place. Except bus , you can also take the train to here directly from Taipei main station. Fulong is the most popular beach in northeast Taiwan. The golden sand and cozy water, I promise that you will have a great time and lots of fun by spending an afternoon here.  The beach is well managed. There are place to take shower and change clothes, lifeguards and some beach facilities. But you need to pay 100 NTD to get in. However, the local told us there is a free beach just around.It might be another great choice .

Train tour- From JiuFen Old Street, you can take the bus down to Ruifang Train Station. It takes only 15 mins. And from Ruifang Train Station, you can get a 1-day ticket for PingXi Line. Or just use the Easy card to start this journey. There are several stops along Pinxi Line.Most popular ones are:

  • Shifen and Pingxi :

    Do you know what’s the Taiwan pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai? A lantern! So here are the places you can experience. Shifen and Pingxi are known for sky lantern. Sky Lantern is a small hot air balloon made with paper. This culture is made for centuries. People wrote down their wishes on the lantern, lid the fire and fly it to the sky.We believe its a way to tell our wish to the god.

  • Houtong :
    This place is called cat village. Different kind of cats are everywhere here!! There are some really cute decorations about cats around this village. For cat person, here will be the perfect place to visit.

Well.. there are many attractions around this area. I just listed out some of my favourite. If there is a chance to visit Taiwan, don’t forget to take a day trip around the Northeast coast!

Rachel xx 


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