Follow Khan’s Steps -【Mongolia】🇲🇳

visit the biggest statue of the greatest king- chinggis khan statue complex

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When I told my friends about traveling to Mongolia, most of them had so many questions about this country. For almost everyone, what came to their mind were horses, steppe, gers and Khan. Some friends even thought most Mongolians are still live in ger, speak Chinese and have deep connection with China.  Lol

Naaaaah…Mongolia has nothing to do with China, and they have their own language- Mongolian. Indeed, there are nomadic people live in country side. However, Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, is a modern big city. I started my adventure from UB, and enjoyed 2 weeks of nomadic life. 🙂


In 13, 14th century ,a legendary king -Chinggis Khan, conquered half the known world. The Mongol Empire he founded was the largest contiguous land empire existed in history. From the central Asia, the Empire has conquered the Eastern Europe, Indian subcontinent , China and even the Arabia.

And now, back in Mongolia, his name or face can be found everywhere in Mongolia to memories this great hero. The international airport in Ulaanbaatar is called Chinggis Khan International Airport. There are hotels and school name after Chinggis Khan. You can see his statue in the city hall. And you can even see the great Khan on the bottle of vodka.

This time what we visited is the biggest Chinggis Khan Statue in the world- a 131-foot-tall ,giant one!!

What to see?

Chinggis Khan Statue is located in the 1.5hrs driving distance from Ulaanbaatar. The statue is wrapped in tons of gleaming stainless steels. From a distance, it looks like a twinkling and shimmering diamond rising on the horizon. This enormous statue is on the east side, 54km away from Ulaanbaatar. The statue is on the bank sides of Tull River. According to the legend, here was the place he found a golden whip.

The statue stands on the museum or the visitor center. As long as you enter this place, you can see a GIANT boots, a place for trying out traditional outfits and souvenirs with reasonable price. In addition, there are exhibitions downstairs about Mongolian history inside the attached museum.

This statue is Chinggis Khan on the horseback with his golden whip and snake sword, heading east toward his birthplace.This area is surrounded by hills, gers, and statues of his army-just like the 13th century Mongol tribes.We climbed to the horse’s  head through Khan’s chest and the magnificent view has took our breath away. Stood on the top, you can have the best panoramic view over this area and even the scenery beyond. And you can see the statue in a really close distance and feel the glory and dignity from his eyes.

My final note..

It was my first time to camp in the wild-with no water, electricity , restroom and fire.  We had to bring our own oven and prepared for everything. Even it was already the middle of June, the night was still pretty cold. Except the cold weather, the camping was pretty interesting and has became one of the best experience in my life.

We stayed in this amazing view for few days, with horses, sheep, cows and even camels around. At that time, I did feel like there was nothing to worry about in life. All I needed to do was to enjoy the beauty of nature and the beer in hand.

my ideal life.  🙂


Rachel xx 




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