Start Our Day from Breaking Rules – Berlin

all the way to Berlin Teufelsberg  with Drive Now.!


This summer, I attended my best friends’ wedding in Portugal. After that, I planned to visit some other countries-France, Netherlands, Belgium… Be honest, I did have some ideas and plans about where to go, even hostels. However, “when you venture outside, you are in for a surprise”, I ended up my trip in Berlin unexpectedly!

A week in Berlin was more than amazing. It’s my second time here, but with totally different feeling for sure. I visited some really cool places ,and had lots of fun with my old friend and new friends. Cold War and graffiti art are two things that make the city unique and special. History and art had left marks in many places around Berlin , including this amazing place- Berlin Teufelsberg.

When checking in from TW to Lisbon,  the lady was looking for passengers who are willing to change their flight due to seats are oversold. Well…why not?  The transfer time will be shorter, and I will get 300 euros for compensation!! What’s more, I was upgraded to business class in this long distance flight! How lucky!! The first half of this trip, I did visit some amazing places I expected for so long. And when the trip went to Belgium, that night, I was too bored in the hostel, using my phone. Suddenly, I came up an idea – how to use this coupon thing? Is it real? That’s why people said curiosity killed the cat!! I tried the app and checked the ticket for tomorrow. Suddenly, a ticket from Amsterdam to Berlin showed up in the app. …….That’s how the story begin!

Every time I told my friend this story, they laughed and said that’s exactly what Rachel will do! But that’s not a problem, you just need to cancel it. Okay, I didn’t. I felt like something is leading me there. I have to go!! I booked a train ticket to Amsterdam in the early morning and packed!

I tried to check in by the app when arriving AMS. Arrrr…..”system error”. Very funny, I was in the airport, the flight was less than 3 hrs later, but I didn’t have a ticket. “Seriously? Should I stay here or go? ” After making sure the coupon is not used yet, I grabbed a bottle of coke to calm me down and kept going.

I visited one of my best friend during time staying in Berlin. This Austrian guy shared a huge and freaking cool apartment with his two roommates. Before my visiting , there was also a Portuguese guy coming and staying there. The next day, two Latvians came join us. And the next, another Austrian came! Hmm..8 people now.!! We had lots of fun in his HIGH(“Here is the Greatest Hipster” ) hostel, the beer game ,Super Mario, and many hilarious and stupid stories. It is one of the happiest week I had this summer for sure.

Okay, in a morning, my friend said he wanted to see “an derelict station” on the hills. A station?  What came in to my mind are images of  old train stations, or a place for transfer but no longer used. But..

How to get there?

To go there, we used a carsharing service called DriveNow! First, you can search for the car nearby your location with their App. And then you can access to the entire vehicle you just found. Pick up and open the door with the App or the member card. Return it back by dropping off on the street included in the range.

However, since the location is not included in the range of this rental system, we still have to pay for the fee while parking there! It might be a bad idea to drive there if you wanna save some money. 😛

For public transportation, you can take the subway S-Bahn , S9 or S75 to Heerstraße station and walk a little bit from here. 

What to see?

Okay, the story is we drove to a forest and parked. Till now, I still have no idea what the “station” is! Just follow friends’ steps and keep going.  We went along with the hillside to the top, and saw a big gate but closed. We had no idea how to go inside. But still, this is not possible to stop us from this morning adventure.

We turned to a narrow trail besides, and followed the “road”.  Try our best to sneak inside the station. Then what came into my sight are  fencing wires and barbed wires surrounded. During these time, we also met some others there trying to go inside but failed.


Hmm….now I know, it is a private place instead, and not the train station for sure- here is the Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg. I am in the forest of West Berlin visiting one of the largest listening station built by US National Security Agency.

By knowing more information after coming back, I found out how amazing the history of this place is. Teufelsberg is one of historical remains of the Cold War in Berlin. During the Nazi period, there was a technology Faculty building. However, the building was blown up after the World War 2. Instead, millions cubic meters of rubbles all over Berlin was collected and heaped up here, making this artificial hill. When I explored that place, there is now way to find out this place is piled up by rubbles instead of a natural hill.!! After that, USA National Security Agency founded a listening post here. As long as visiting here today, you still can see those old building and radar domes.

Now this station has turned to be a working place for street artists. They decorated this place with their amazing creations, and make this old history place became more lively. Before knowing any information of this place, I thought here is an art village or those kinda places.

My final note…

For me , my favorite part of this station is those paintings for sure! Street art is one of the reason why I love this city. Unlike the luxury palace or castles, houses in Berlin are lively and… CRAZY. You will find something surprise you in every corner, and amazed by those creations.  Here is also a good place to take lots of photo with my little lomography  camera.

However, unfortunately we didn’t make it to visit inside and see more. Since we didn’t check enough information before coming, we really don’t know where’s the entrance and tickets. We were kinda lost in the forest. Luckily ,there was a staff showed us around and led us out. If there will be another chance to visit Berlin, I do want to pay for 7 euros to see here around!

Our masterpieces of Draw a pokemon game. Miss u guys. 🙂

Processed with Moldiv

Rachel xx


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