Diary II -Seattle, USA

Such a cool event


I can’t sleep well again, waking up several times and falling asleep again till the next day noon! It’s another sunny day in Seattle. My dear friend Mr. K brought me to his fav restaurant, to stay chill and enjoy good food on this lazy Sunday.

Today is the day to Sheraton, saying goodbye to my dear host K. 😦  I’ve already started to miss him since I woke up.

Basically, the only thing i did these days are- eating and working. After saying goodbye to K, I moved to Seattle Sheraton to continue my journey. Well.. I don’t really understand hotel in the state. There is no toothpaste, toothbrush in the room. And I always expect to see a clean room after a tough day, however, the room service seems coming but do nothing. Even the toilet trash is still there for many days.lol….Are all hotels in the state like this or…? This kinda situation will never happen in Taiwan or Asia…

Feb 1st is the first day of Microsoft techready22, which is the main purpose of this trip. How excited it is!! There are thousands of geeks 😛 and extremely smart guys all around the world for a 5-day tech event.


I met up with a good friend Miss R here. We met each other in another company event 1.5 year ago in Atlanta,and had amazing time in Shanghai together. For me, one of the best of MS training is having big reunion with old friends and meeting new ones. 🙂

What to eat.

Costas Restaurant


Greek style not geek style. Actually, I still have no idea what K ordered for us, but I loveeeeeee it! It’s my favourite in Seattle so far. Mine was with one skewer of lamb, salad , rice and gyros . For me gyros is like naan in Indian. The source tasted a little bit sour, but it was perfectly match with the lamb or gyros.

K ordered a greek cambo as well, with dolmathes, moussaka, and skewer. The dolmathes looked like rice cake in Taiwan, which is also covered with leaves and with rice inside. It was my first try of Greek food, loved it! 🙂

The cheese factory

Since the techready event is in Washington conventional center, the cheese cake factory , which is around the corner,  is the place for our first night out,  definitely. Chocolate cake + alcohol, how can I ask more than these? Our night is delighted by Godiva chocolate cheesecake. Several layers of taste, from chocolate flourless cake, chocolate filling, mousse to ganache, all made by the best Godiva, were mixed perfectly and melted in my month.



Benihana means red flower in Japanese. Since there are fresh seafood in the world in Seattle, how can we miss this shop ? It’s a Takayuki place. I ordered NY steak. The set is included some veg, rice ( steamed or fried) , soup , salad and shrimp. Mine was tasty, median cooked with special sauce but still kept the original taste of steak. The whole dinner was like a show. Here is definitely a good choice to come with friends.

⭐️|R -Statbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasty Room. 

For afternoon tea, we came to this luxury Starbucks – Statbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasty Room. It’s in a walking distance form Washington coventional center, to give us enough time to take a break during the sections.

This Starbucks is huge and luxury. I would say here is a Starbucks museum instead of a cafe. As long as you walked inside, you will see a huge machine for roastery. And there are many products and souvenirs of Starbucks . The price here is higher than normal Starbucks in every corners. Even the desserts and cups are different from usual ones.

If you are a fan of Starbucks, here is worthy to take a look for sure.   

My final note.

We were so lucky that being chosen for a video with norm Judah, who is the CTO of MS. Due to this, we also made some new friends from Romania. Can’t wait to see our clip on Friday! I can’t say more about the event, but the only thing I would like to say is-I’m really proud to be one of the Microsoft family.


In a bookshop in seattle, there were some decorations with quotes about life and love. It was quite touching, and I really wanna to bring those back with me. One I really like is “friends are like stars in the sky.you cant see them but you know they are always there for you”. As we grow up, there are too many time on work instead of hanging out with friends. However, every time I am down or in trouble. There are also someone coming and standing besides to help. Another one I really like is the picture below.Well.. At least, I’m with good friends to dance with me at this moments. 🙂


Rachel xx


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