Diary I -Seattle, USA

winter in Seattle with sunshine. How lucky I am!  🙂
Well..my life is truly a mess recently , not even have time to prepare for the trip. Jumped on the bus, I was already on the way to the airport.
Seattle, without any plan, I’m coming. 🙂

Day 1.

With all kinda chaos hunting in my head, I barely slept these days. The good start of this trip was – the jet lag had brought the sleepy Rachel back. From the airport, there was something really impressed me – the taxi driver used a cool and small stuff, plugging on his phone, by this customers can pay by credit card easily!

My dear friend- Mr.K,  lives nearby Washington University. After a long trip from Taipei to here, I was really touching to see him and his note in the front door!
My first meal in Seattle was Indian food. 😛  The restaurant is called  Cedars on Brooklyn, which is easy to find by Yelp as well. We ordered beef samosa , two set of curry and naan. It was amazing! Naan with simple source is my favorite. Actually,it was quite different from the one I had. I think …naan I had was dryer and thinner. This one was with more source and thicker. All kinds were really delicious!
K showed me the house of his fraternity. OMG, it was way too much. 60 people live in this big house, with chef, party place, gym….. !? It’s not possible to see in Taiwan. I was like “seriously? that’s not possible” all the time when looking around in the house.
Day 2.

We thought about Vancouver and mountains. I told K how much I wanted to make a snowman. However, it’s pretty warm this year, and I AM pretty lazy! With all kinda reasons, our plan became chill out and taste delicious food in Seattle.
The first stop was a French place called Café Presse – missing Paris from Seattle. We shared a Assiette de charcuteria, which was with sausages, chicken liver terrine, rillettes, tongue and country ham.
My main dish was Parmentier d’agneau au vin rouge, aux panais et aus pruneaux., which was Shepard’s pie with red wine, potato,  lamb and serval ingredients. Loved it! The lamb’s neck was so smooth and a little bit sweet with the taste of red wine. In my month, the  sweetness of meat was perfectly balanced with the taste of potato and melting cheese. K ordered Raclette Savoyarde ou Vegetarienne, which witch cold cuts, potato and broiled mountain cheese. It was really good, but I preferred to eating those meat with baguette instead too cheesy.
We took a walk in Washington University. The weather was perfect, with sunshine and blue sky! How can I asked for more in Seattle’ winter? K told me about cherry blossom in Spring. It must be so beautiful , hope I can come back at that time. The school is like a castle or buildings in fairy tale ! I should come and study CSIE here,for this beautiful view.!
We went to Gas work park after my rest. As it’s name, it was a gas working place. We took a walk there and saw Seattle needle for the river side. I do like those abandon buildings. If this park were in Berlin, I believed there are paintings everywhere to make this old buildings lively.
The Chihuly Garden and Glass is just next to Seattle needle.  We were surprised by those masterpiece, but also worried what if the earthquake comes or sth bad happened to destroy these masterpiece. kkk

The dinner place was called Lunchbox Laboratory , a burger place! I loved this shop as long as i walked inside- the decorations and whole feeling. I ordered banana milkshake and dork meat burger- dork is duck + pork. For keeping fit, I havn’t had milkshake for a long while. However, K said it’s the best one in Seattle…How can i say no to it!! Feel so guilty but the taste did bring me to heaven. My burger was dork meet with satan tears ketchup, a really spicy one. Dork meet tasted like..well.. not asdry as duck , but not as oil as pork. It seems like mixing the best part of these two different kind of meat.

My final note

I met a MS friend -Mr.D as the last stop of my journey today. Since we met, D said he will visit me in Taiwan, and I asked him to show me around in Seattle if I come. But he booked ticket to Taiwan tmrw, and I am here in Seattle. lol……anyway, hope you can enjoy taiwan and eat lot!

Rachel xx

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